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Sidebar scrolling not smooth since last few updates

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Sort of noticed it myself but not really an issue for me... to be honest I don't really notice it but very slight lag is there.

Maybe fire off a support ticket to see if Evernote know about it.

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1 hour ago, Akshay Dadhwal said:

Is anyone experiencing the same in the latest Evernote version? It's been for me since the version 10.33.5.

With Windows 11, EN v10.40 I don't notice.

This is the sort of issue that might be resolved with a clean uninstall removing all data and program directories and then reinstall. Can't promise a fix but that's what I'd try.

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Same on the Mac, desktop client, 10.40.1. Completely smooth.

I think you should rebuild your local database from the server. When updating the data stays on the PC, and if it is corrupted, you carry the corruption over into the new release.

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