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I'm pretty addicted to slash commands in Slack and in Discord. Recently I noticed that Confluence added slash commands where you can do something like /table and you'll get the option to pop in a table to your page. You can also use plugins, so you can type things like /mermaid and the MermaidJS plugin. It would incredibly useful to do this in Evernote (I use the web version a lot, personally) so there's less "hands off the keyboard" work.

This would be insanely useful for situations where you are frantically taking notes when someone is talking and won't slow down - and the information just simply fits in a table format, etc. While there's keyboard shortcuts for some stuff, the slash commands would really make some "extras" built into Evernote much more rapid to use. I use the markdown support like mad, but those slash commands in Confluence really, really, really sped things up.

I'm actually finishing a lecture right now where I would have loved to have /table just to get something in there.

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Welcome to the forum.

It may be you are used to these app-specific abilities, but how many EN users are in that subgroup ? EN tries to keep the app simple, putting features in when they serve a large number of users.

There are a bunch of keyboard shortcuts available in EN - more in desktop, less in mobile. They display through the keyboard symbol down in the left column, or in the help menu. Part of them are editable. Maybe check them out whether they can help you with your request.

Else you can send any idea to EN directly using the feedback function in the clients.

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/ commands would be epic, the ability to do many things by using only the keyboard whilst typing would be a great leap forwards in note taking. I know there are short cuts for some but they don’t work with touch keyboards / commands do, shortcuts also have to be memorised / commands don’t.  

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On 7/9/2022 at 6:10 PM, Waffles said:

I'm actually finishing a lecture right now where I would have loved to have /table just to get something in there.

[][][][]x4 will give you a 4 x 4 table.

Lots of other shortcuts as well available... different to slash commands but still shortcuts.

You can find them all by hitting the keyboard symbol bottom left in the desktop apps and scrolling down a bit.

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