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Can I back up more than one notebook at a time? (local or cloud)

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I have 180 notebooks on my Evernote account (I've been using it for intensive studying over past 4 years). 

I want to back up my files just to have them secured. This can be local or drive/cloud. 

Is there no other way to export files as a group? Other than going through every single notebook individually? Can I export stacks?


Thank you in advance for any insight! 

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Hi.  Evernote v10 currently allows you to download a maximum of 50 notes if you're selecting at random,  or the content of 1 notebook (which can be more than 50 notes) - in each case to export those notes either to HTML or to ENEX.  There's no automation support that I'm aware of to allow you to repeat the notebook choice / export process 180 times.

Legacy however will give you the option to copy the whole database if you wish.  I'm currently running Legacy on a separate device to support my backups.  I use a paid-for app 'Backupery' which will run through my database of 300+ notebooks and save 57K (or so) notes without my intervention.  There are other third party systems which may or may not work with v10.  See https://blog.cloudhq.net/how-and-why-you-should-backup-evernote/ as example.

The 'one Notebook at a time' process is advised because Evernote's export process does not keep Notebook metadata.  If you restored from a whole account backup,  you'd get all your notes in one notebook.

If all you wish to do is to literally have a reference copy of your account in case of catastrophic loss,  then the ENEX backup is restorable to Evernote - and some other note-taking apps.  If you're looking to have a usable copy of your database outside of Evernote,  then you'd have to experiment with the HTML backup to see what options are available.  There are more threads here on that topic - you'd have to do some internet searches to catch up with that.

Let us know if you have more questions...


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You could install the legacy client, and run „all“ in one go to an ENEX file.

The result is a heap of notes, without any notebook information or structure. If this does the job, use it.

If you need the notebook structure, you need to do the export notebook by notebook, legacy or new clients.

Then there is a service called „backuppery“. You can run regular backups by using it. Downside: It will AFAIK cost you more to backup using this service than your regular EN subscription does. And only works on Windows, and with a legacy client:


Personally I do something else: I have an backup program locally run a backup of the …/Evernote folder. On the Mac it is even included in the regular TimeMachine backups. I need a working EN client to open the backup, but that‘s the only thing that needs to be in place.

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I could live with the 50 note limit and get rid of Legacy if they would fix the Export Notebook as PDF which they released broken a year ago. It would take a bit to create a good backup, but most of my notebooks don't change. I've never liked the backup as HTML even in Legacy. I still do a single Enex backup in Legacy, but would drop that if I could create PDFs, which  is the only reason I would upgrade to Pro.

As it stands, thanks to their One Platform to Rule Them All philosophy, I have to use v10 and v6, along with Nimbus for mobile and quick import because the Android version just isn't reliable enough. Works most of the time doesn't cut it. 

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