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Any solution to get rid of home menu and get fast alphabetical scroll? (Android)

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so for these 2 reasons I hate the new version. Mostly because it is a forced start with the home menu everytime, instead of the notes list and the removal of the fast alphabetical scroll. I've been contacting and asking support for 1+ year about this and they only keep saying they have it on their list, with each update I hope they did, but up until today it has not been implemented to optionally disable the new, annoying home menu and have a fast alphabetical scroll.

Does anyone know of an alternative solution?

I usually always keep all of my apps up to date, but this is the only update that I hate so much, I'm even hesitantly considering going back to the old one. But for security reasons I would prefer another solution, if there is one.

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Be sure you have the latest release. Leave the app where you want to return and that is where you will be next time you open it.

Not sure what you mean by alphabetical scroll.

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I'll see, if that would work, leaving the app were it was. But generally I always want to start with my notes list, so I hope they will add that option.

Fast scroll is that function in the screenshot. Works much faster in long lists. It actually was there in the previous version, for some reason it has been removed, they've been promising to add it for months now but nothing. And neither did they add the disabling home option that they are telling me they plan to for over a year now.

I work testing software and the new version needs some improvements


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8 hours ago, Maru1 said:

Does anyone know of an alternative solution?

Are you talking about different note-taking software? There are tons of them out there -- try https://www.noteapps.info/ and look at UpNote (which isn't on notesapps list yet).

Although, any alternative to Evernote is going to be vastly more different from Evernote than just ignoring the Home Screen and taking a couple of extra seconds to tap the note list.

I'm also not much of a fan of the Home screen either, but I practically never see the Home Screen on Desktop (MacOS and Windows) and I only see it on mobile when I haven't used the app for a while. (Even force closing the app on iOS and rerunning it will take me to the last place I left off and *not* to the home screen.) So while I'm not a fan of the Home screen, I have a hard time understanding the frustration with it because it takes up less than several seconds of my time each month. And who knows, maybe one of these days I'll find it functional and start using it.

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No, I'm not talking about a different app. And for me it doesn't start where I left off, very often it just returns to home screen. As someone who very often opens up Evernote, these "few seconds" to have to have an unnecessary extra step to get to where I want to be are annoying for me and disturb my productivity.

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