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recently I needed the function to export/print images from an Evernote note to pdf and save it on my PC. 
In the desktop-versioni I would expect this function in the context-menu - but it is not there.

Can you help, please?


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Hi.  Since Evernote is aimed at "paperless" operations,  it's not usually over-supplied with print options.  You can drag and drop images (JPG & PNG) from Evernote to your desktop,  re-select them there and copy/paste individually or as a group to your document file of choice.

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@Gazmped: Yes, you are right. That would be the complicated way. I could also Take a screenshot or do other things, but I hoped ther would a more direct way. As I said: "Export/print pdf"?

@bmcl26: Yes, you are right, too. This would create a pdf from the note. Unfortunately not from the Image....

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I had a note containing an image. The exported pdf includes the image.

There is no means of sending the image file on its own from the note to the PDF print stream other than as described by @gazumped

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