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Web clipper “simplified article” blank except heading

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For several sites, I use the simplified article selection for the web clipper because it saves the clip in light mode and I can’t read long things in dark mode if the website is in that. So for rereading clips, it works best for me. But lately, when I choose that option, in both Chrome and Edge, it shows the heading/title of the page (often the wrong one) and the rest is blank. All of the other options keep the coloring of the web page in the clip so a dark mode page is a dark mode clip. I need to know how to get simplified article to work properly again on sites where it always worked properly on before.

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Hi.  So many questions..  Device? OS? Browser? URLs of example pages? Evernote version?

Having said which - there are several obvious work-arounds pending Evernote looking into this,  and it doesn't seem like an issue you can resolve as a user.  I'd suggest you report the issue to Support with the details mentioned above to see if they can help...

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There are sites that block the use of reader mode - this is the mode the simplified clipping relies on.

An alternative can be to clip the websites using the standard clipper - and then use the simplify function build into the EN app. It will look pretty much like clipping simplified directly. But the simplifying takes place inside of EN, and out of reach of the website that may try to prevent it.

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