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changing laptop name in my Evernote account

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Evernote currently has the wrong name for my computer. I have changed it in my Microsoft account, but my Evernote account still says I have the old laptop name. I don't see any way to change it in Evernote.  I see ways to change the name of notebooks, how to revoke access to my device, etc. but nothing about setting the name of my computer.

The incorrect name was set accidentally during a confusing, messy process of choosing a Hello PIN when I first started up the computer. I want to give it the same, correct name that is now registered with Microsoft.

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Do Windows Key + X and then click System. Check the Device Name. This is probably what Evernote uses as it doesn't have access to your Microsoft account.

If its the correct name then revoke access and then log in again.

If not click on Rename PC and change it to what you want.


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