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(Archived) Bug 2.0 beta1: Expanding segments in left pane



The different segments in the left pane (notebooks, tags, saved searches etc.) do not preserve their set size. This sometimes leads to the strange effect, that if I click the triangle beside tags to expand the tag hierarchy, this section eats up the whole space of the pane actually collapsing all other sections. And sometimes the default size for these now collapsed sections is set to zero, which means, if I click the triangle to expand lets say the notebooks, nothing happens. At first I thought, all my notebooks were gone, until I realized, I can expand the notebooks section only by manually dragging the divider between notebooks and tags.

The nice animated collapsing/expanding of segments in the left pane needs some more work to be really useable.


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... if I click the triangle beside tags to expand the tag hierarchy, this section eats up the whole space of the pane



In Windows, I don't have the problem of disappearing icons, but do I wrestle with restricted Tag space whenever I use Evernote (got hundreds of tags)

Your suggestion would be helpful.


How about a Tag management system similar to the management system of bookmarks in a browser. (Probably too much of a stretch)


A compromise to allow the Tags section to become a separate window which could expand to fill the entire screen and have multiple columns Wunderbar!!!.

Yes, you can widen the Left Panel right now, but why? I have yet to see any advantage, unless you are making very, very, very long tags. A re-sizeable floating tag window would let me see the big picture, including Parent, Child and Grandchild structures. It would also eliminate the current tedious process of slowing scrolling a single column from the letter "b" tags all the way down, down, down to the letter "w" tags.

This is just a wish. It would be nice to add to the list, but as stay focused on fixing the bugs first and foremost.

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Just upgraded to the new 2.0...love it!

I wanted to add to this suggestion/issue a little bit. When quitting the application and re-opening it does not remember the left pane setup...its really annoying to have to re open my tons of tag hierarchies every time I open evernote and also re-sizing the notebooks/tags/saved searches sections. Hopefully you guys can get it to remember sometime soon, thanks!

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