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Can’t delete encryption passphrase

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Hello, on windows 10, with the most recent version of Evernote, I will create an encrypted text, then I will tell Evernote to un-encrypt that note permanently, then I try to encrypt another note and it will automatically default to the passphrase that I used to the previous encryption. I want to be able to have a different password for every encryption and Evernote is not letting me do that.

Also, I have tried logging out of the Evernote and then logging back in and that does not seem to work either.  I also tried logging out of my other two devices, my iPad and iPhone. It’s so hard to work with the encryption on Evernote! They really should make it a lot easier.  

Can anyone help me with this?

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  • Evernote Expert

THere are quite a few threads discussing encryption and the general view is thatthe Evernote implementation is rudimentary. I'd recommend an external encryption program such as Saferoom (which works well with Evernote) or AxCrypt.

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  • Level 5

Why does anything need to be „intuitive“ ?

The encryption option is an add on, not a key function. I always wonder against whom you are encrypting anyhow. Basically against yourself, if you think it through …

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