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Pre-puchase questions

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Hi there, I'm interested by Evernote Professional.

I read a lot of helps, posts, threads but I'd need to confirm some concepts before to start a subscription :

  • Spaces are only for Evernote Teams ?
  • I'd need a tool for A LOT of different categories. would it be better with tags or notebooks?
  • Can we easily do tasks list (not tasks inside notes) ?
  • Can we share a whole Space, or a whole sets of notes with people who don't have a evernote account for granting them

In my case, I have 3 or 4 different big "spaces" = my own art studio, my own teaching company, my own music label, my personal life
I guess spaces precisely fit this.

Raw ideas gathering would be tagged following some standard I started to design.

Any ideas would be appreciated for me before to purchase 🙂



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Spaces are only for Evernote teams and not available to just the Professional subscription. I think you can separate the different areas of your life with notebook stacks. One stack for art studio, one for teaching company, etc. Then you can put multiple notebooks inside each stack.

I use a mix of tags and notebooks, but I have way more tags than notebooks. Tags are more flexible as they can cut across notebook boundaries and you can nest them deeper than just one level. (You can nest a notebook inside a stack, but you can't nest one notebook inside of another.) You can have multiple tags per note, where you can only have a note in one notebook at a time. I have 5 stacks right now: Books, Home, Journals, Thoughts, and Work -- then across all of them I have 24 notebooks and I use about 200 tags.

Tasks cannot live outside of a note. You can just add a tag without having a particular note open though, but then it will get placed in your "default" note for tasks. However, you can just ignore the default note though and use the "Tasks" view to manage and work with your tasks.

I don't do a lot of Sharing, so I'll have to defer to others on that one, but I know you can share individual notes with anybody as long as they have the link URL (they can only view in a browser and not edit the note), but I think to share a notebook or allow them to edit the note they'd have to also have an Evernote account (even just a free account should work).

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You can share, for example, a notebook with someone who isn't an Evernote user or you could share an individual note.  The advantage of sharing a notebook is that any note you add to the notebook is automatically shared and, similarly, any note you move out of the notebook ceases to be shared.

A non-user will have to access the notebook/notes via a web browser.

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  • Evernote Expert

There are various levels of access you can assign to a notebook/note when sharing: View, Edit, Edit and Invite. With the newer version of Evernote the person will need, at the very least, to register a free account and will be prompted to do that when they first attempt to access the shared materials.

If you wish you can access the older version of Evernote and in this version you have the option to create a link to publish the Notebook/Note Using this option the person you share with can view the shared notes in a browser window without registering if they wish. Note that this approach uses the previous release of Evernote and some of the newer features such as Tasks, Calendar, and Checklists are not supported.


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3 hours ago, julien said:

Still trying to get informations about the sharing part, especially. 

FWIW, sharing is one of the weakest aspects of Evernote. I suggest you create a free account and experiment to make sure it will meet your needs.

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...What everyone else said;  everything you've queried can be tried out in the free version - with the caveat that a free account can't share for 24 hours or so because that would be an open door for spammers.  If you have two email addresses,  you can share something to yourself and see exactly what your shares look like at the 'other' end.

Also... (Evernote help pages)

- and there's lots more on YouTube...

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