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Copying selected note content to the clipboard always fails to include the images

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Since moving to Evernote 10 a year or so back, I've been unable to select a notes content including images, and then successfully copy and paste it into another Windows application, such as MS Word or Gmail etc.  Everytime I paste the clipboard it's missing the images, instead I just get a square box.  The same occurs in both the Windows app and the web interface via Chrome. 

This is very frustrating and keeps me looking at Evernote alternatives, I've persisted with Evernote in the hope that this will get fixed but a year or 2 later it's still broken!

I use Evernote to store support guides that I often need to mail to other colleagues, but most of these would benefit from screen shots.  Because of this copy and paste issue I'm already having to store the ones with pictures elsewhere.

This must be a known issue, is anyone aware of a solution or fix coming in the future?


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This is a known issue for the Windows Desktop.

The workaround is tomove images via the desktop or a separate folder on the PC. Drag and drop the image onto the desktop and then back to another application.

The issue did get fixed for MacOS but, for some reason, has proven intractible for Windows. The devs are aware.

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