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Bring back right click taskbar options for Evernote (jump list)



Earlier versions of Windows used to have the "jump list" feature that gave you quick options such as an option to create a new note, it was very useful! Unfortunately it's been phased out for reasons unknown going back five years ago in the Windows Store exclusive version, and now the full desktop app is missing it as well (apparently I posted about it in 2017, completely forgot!)

Would be great if this could be brought back. You can get around it by right clicking the system tray icon and hitting "New Note", but I find the systray right click options are much more inconvenient as they're harder to click, and I prefer to keep the systray as decluttered as possible (plus I have EN pinned in the taskbar already).

The jump list for those not in the know is the name given to the right click menu programs have when you right click a taskbar icon, like Outlook for example:



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I agree that it would be useful. In the mean time don't forget the global keyboard shortcuts that you can use anywhere (ie not just when EN has the focus). You might find them more convenient than right clicking the icon in the system tray.


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