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Printing: Page Margins

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It is only possible if the printer driver supports this. Evernote V10 doesn't offer this option. 

Possibly the best option is to print from the web browser interface. The browser print function may offer more control.

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Hi.  It seems like Evernote - being aimed at 'paperless' operations - doesn't have much (i.e. anything) in the way of page layout tools.  Best option if you need printed output is the browser option as above,  or use a word processor and attach the file to a note.  Do your layout and pagination from there.

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Thank you both agsteele and gazumped, I get the paperless notion, but sometimes we might need to print something. I will try the browser, as I can see that the v10 interface has no option.


I did note that you can change margins on a PDF export. However, there is no preview function and therefore you are guessing and at the whim of the export— after three exports I still didn't get the format I was aiming for. 






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