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Couldn't load attachment

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An audio file is uploaded and I can play it from my desktop.  But from a mobile device, an error says - Couldn't load attachment. Several hours are passed after the file was uploaded. The software version is the recent one.

Please help me with step-by-step instructions to fix it. 

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An audio file ? Could be anything, but I assume you mean an audio grabbing created by the desktop client.

EN uses different file formats to create audio files, depending on the client used. See the table at the end of this help article.


I think it has no logic behind this decision - it is one of the few issues where platform interoperability is broken.

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It is because of the full moon tonight, together with Aquarius meeting Jupiter in the 7th ascendent ....

You don't even tell on which desktop and on which mobile device, and what you want to do with the audio file. But we must know what is bugging you ?

Sorry, out of ideas except resorting to some esoteric stuff.

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