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Formatting in Ios

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I mainly use Evernote on iPad or iPhone. When I save an article from the web using the share button, it saves the page but includes too much dross. I attempted to save to pocket first to eliminate all of the junk. But I can’t save from pocket. Using the web clipper using my iMac works fine. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Clip on the iOS device as you did, using the sharing process.

Then go to the app, open the note and tap on the header of the clip, where it says Web Clip.

The keyboard opens. Above it is a magic wand. When you tap it, the web clip is converted to a „simplified“ version. This is usually much easier to read, most clutter is removed and it can be edited now.

If you want to keep the original clip, duplicate the note first. Simplifying can’t be reverted.

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