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syncing problem - locations services



We use Evernote for shopping lists on 6 devices.  We are having recurring problems with generating duplicate notes.  In trying to troubleshoot the problem, I find that location is not enabled on one iPad.  The further underlying problem is that on that iPad, in Settings, the Location line for enabling ALLOW LOCATION ACCESS is missing.  And BTW, the line to enable Notifications is missing as well, but that is not the problem.  Anyone have a clue to the cause or fix of this issue?  I tried deleting the app, rebooting, and downloading it again.  No change. 

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Is that iPad running under a device management ?

If it was handed over by an organization (like a school, a company, a public body etc.), it often is running on a devices management program. These devices are known to block access to some parts of their OS.

Same can happen when you set it up in a family setting as a "kids" iPad.

Only the admin will be probably able to lift the restrictions.

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