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How do I upgrade from 7.14 to 10.39.6 on Macbook

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I just noticed that my notes on my Iphone 12 which has the latest software is not syncing with my older desktop version 7.14.

I just downloaded the 10.39.6 for the Mac but am unsure what to do now. 

Do I have to delete the older version?  Or?





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35 minutes ago, Gila said:

my notes on my Iphone 12 which has the latest software is not syncing with my older desktop version 7.14.

It doesn't matter what version you have installed,  your notes should still sync to the server,  and then to your Mac.  The older version just won't be able to show the new features.

Check that your note are syncing to the server by signing in to Evernote.com via a browser.  Is it possible that you have two separate accounts here?

As to updating the Mac - what version of MacOS does it run? I would have thought that if your current version could update,  it should already have done so.

Edit: And please don't post the same query twice.  I killed your other post.

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I have only one account - some features are not syncing and I'm getting a warning saying that it didn't sync because my desktop OS is too old.
I don't recall the exact words.  

My Mac OS is 12.4 and my current version on my desktop 7.14 says it is updated.  Back to my original question, how do I update to latest version.

I didn't realize I posted twice.  Sorry.

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That the iPhone 12 is not syncing with the 7.14 client would be new to me. All clients sync through the server, and the server should take care of that.

There has been a few reports of 7.14 not upgrading to the v10 series.

Your desktop OS is pretty fine - even if EN believes it is not, you are on the latest version of MacOS.

Both EN versions run on their own database. So in general they can be installed side by side.

If you have no local (unsynced) notebooks in your 7.14 client, I don't think something will go wrong if you log out of your old client, quit it (make sure it is not running in the background any longer), and then install the new version.

EN runs both clients side by side on the Mac. You will just need double disk space, because an independent version of the database will be created.

If you want to be sure, ask support.

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16 hours ago, Gila said:

Back to my original question, how do I update to latest version.

Phrased in another way: You cannot technically update the software from your current version to the new version. You manually install a new version to run side by side your current version, then you delete your current version (once you are sure you have all your notes in the new version). The transfer of notes from your current version to the new version happens through the Evernote servers.

Edit: note Pink Elephants reply two comments down. It looks like if you do the "direct" download from the EN web site (and not through the App store), that the install of the new version that you manually downloaded will remove the old/existing client for you automatically.

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Sorry, but this answer is not completely true.


There is an upgrade path from a classical 7.14 (on windows 6.25) installation to a v10 client. It converts the local database to a completely cloud based master copy. This is important in case local notebooks were used. The upgrade process leads through a) backing up and removing all local notebooks  that should not be moved to the server b) move all other local notebooks to the server and convert them into standard, cloud based notebooks.

After running this procedure, there is no old client left on the Mac (PC), all data is moved to the cloud and a new v10 client is running on the machine.

If the user wants a legacy client as well, it is after converting installed fresh on the Mac/PC. And yes, this is completely independent, running on its own database. This means it will take up the same space in addition to what the v10 client is already using on your drive. It will sync through the same cloud database as v10. New content types like tasks will show in legacy as „not available“.



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3 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

There is an upgrade path from a classical 7.14 (on windows 6.25) installation to a v10 client.

I wonder if this is only in the case of the direct download and not the App store version (even though the EN FAQ wording makes it sound like the App Store app could do it too) as I doubt an app from the app store could reach out and remove anything existing on the computer...

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The main issue are local notebooks.

They are not supported any more in v10 - but the user needs to decide which ones to convert to cloud notebooks, and which to take off the database before moving on.

Who is not using this feature can convert without a problem.

The proposed sequence has always been first upgrade the existing install, and then (if wanted) install legacy.

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