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Apply a template to a calendar note



I would like to be able to click on the create a note from the calendar view and select a custom made template to insert. At the moment, I have to create a note, click on the Open Gallery template button, select my custom lesson plan, add a title of the date and name, click on the insert button, select Calendar Event, browse to the event and then click on event to add. 

This is taking eight steps to process, which I feel is not productive when I have 30 lessons a week to plan out. 

Idea: When clicking on the Create note for event, have the ability to include a button for a custom template. It would reduce the steps from eight to two. 


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Maybe somebody will look into it - to send it to EN PM, use the feedback function in the clients.

As a workaround:

Save the template as a note in shortcuts. When using it, select the shortcut, duplicate it and apply it right away.

If it is in the first 9 shortcuts, you can even use the shortcut Strg-1 … Strg-9 (on Macs cmd-1 … cmd-9) to select it without navigating with the mouse.

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