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Voice memo / notes integration with evernote

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I use my Samsung S20 FE with Android 12 as the main information capture tool.

For some reason, before through the google assistant I could say a command to save spoken notes directly in evernote, a very useful thing when I'm out and about, but it doesn't work anymore.

I'm looking for a way to automatically create a note in evernote by google voice command or similar.

Another option is that when creating notes with the google assistant I could choose evernote as the default notes application, but this option does not appear on my S20 FE, it only lets me select between google keep, any.do and bring! -.- .

About this I tried Zapier to automate, but none of the above note apps exist in Zapier yet.

Another dream that I have, my Samsung Galaxy Watch could do it too because I work in the field very often, so if any voice recording application would sync with evernote notes it would be great, but I haven't found any (at least free)

Any idea on the subject I appreciate it, greetings!

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1 hour ago, Joel_Villalta said:

but it doesn't work anymore.

When did this last work for you?  If it was recently,  I'd suggest re-installing the app:  sign out of Evernote / uninstall app / power device off and on again / reinstall / retry.

If that fails,  reach out to Support - they may know things we users don't...

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Not familiar with that Android ecosystem.

What used to work on iOS pre v10 stopped working when v10 released. I think it is due to using a framework; which is practically a browser without own front end. Siri can’t help, recording on the Apple Watch has stopped, the watch app disappeared.

Currently I use the app JustPressRecord on all Apple devices. Works fine, makes a transcript if wanted, allows to save both audio and transcript into an EN note. I would propose to find something similar for your Android setup, and build your workflow around it.

Probably the Apple Watch will be the first to show, and it is „coming soon“ for more than a year now. Maybe after getting some iOS widgets it will now be moving up the list a bit.

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