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iOS and the rest not syncing properly

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I have been a premium user of Evernote and since iOS version 10.34.1 last week, synchronization across platforms has been a big problem. 

Stuff I put in my iOS Evernote are not sync'ed to my Windows, Mac or Web version properly (as in, these 3 will all have Version A of the notes, and the iOS will have Version B of the notes on its own). 

Now I am physically located in China, but all my apps are Evernote.com apps (not the Chinese Yinxiang.com apps) and I use VPN to connect all my devices to the internet. This sync discrepency issue never happened before even in China since last week when the iOS app was updated to 10.34.1




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You have a complex setup, toying with tunneling through „the great patriotic firewall“. And everything needs to Tunnel through it, because all EN servers are located „behind“ it, seen from your geoposition.

A note edited on your iPad needs to go through the wall, make a sync on the server, and then tunnel back to the (say) Mac to make the change reflect there as well. EN never syncs device to device.

To find out what is going on here you probably need the web client. It is looking directly at the server copy of your data.

Now edit a note on iOS. When you close it, it will have a green triangle in the note list. This shows it still needs to sync - the sync is still open or just happening. Only when this has disappeared, iOS indicates it is now done with syncing. You can force a sync in the EN app settings.

Next step is to check on the server through the web client if the notes edits have arrived there. 

And the ultimate step is the sync to your (say) Mac, from the server.

Now taking the necessity to use a VPN on every leg of the journey I think there is a lot more that can go wrong in your case than in a regular setup on an open „world wide“ web as we encounter it in free countries. Sometimes your VPN will be with a hiccup when EN tries to sync, sometimes EN is not in a sync cycle when the VPN would allow for it etc. You need to find out for yourself which (if any) is the critical step, and then take measures to improve it.

A last hint: Closing the iOS app will prevent further syncing, even if it has not yet fully updated the server.

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