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I installed new version of evernote in my PC. Now it taked ~5 minutes to add a new note and the CPU usage is very high

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Evernote is updated quite frequently, but I couldn't care less about all the new features -  I just want to have fixed the bug that causes an evernote.exe process to always takes 30% of my CPU soon after I start using it. Am tired of the frequent freezes this causes, and having to endure the fan noise just because of Evernote. Getting ready to migrate to OneNote over this... 😞

Miss the time when Evernote was a quick and small and stable app on Windows!



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4 hours ago, Espen said:

I just want to have fixed the bug that causes an evernote.exe process to always takes 30% of my CPU soon after I start using it.

As you're a subscriber I'd suggest you contact Support - your logs could help them determine what's causing the issue.  I doubt it's a 'bug' - this is the first comment I've seen recently about CPU use;  if every Windows user had the same problem,  there would have been a little more fuss.  It is interesting that you have several sub-processes going,  though only one is a major cause of CPU traffic...  


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Thank you for providing me with the Support link @gazumped

I agree - if it was a frequent problem it would probably have been fixed long ago. It might be a problem with only one specific (and quite large) note. I'll report it to Support and hope they find out why, and can fix it. 🙂



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I've reported this issue many times and it even moved back to legacy version for some time (about 4 months).

I hoped it would have been fixed in the meantime but it hasn't.

And it's not limited to a single machine. My colleagues experience the same issue.

CPU usage is so bad that your laptops battery charge won't survive longer meetings. Mine (Dell XPS 13 7390) is dead in 3 hours.



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I see the same high CPU too on Windows.
Upgraded to 10.17.6 a few days ago (10.17.6-win-ddl-public (275), Editor: v126.2.16348, Service: 1.37.8)
Now I have high CPU whenever Evernote has focus (CPU drops down when just open in background) - which could be contributing to this. One thread running at 30% of CPU. Mainly when you've opened a note in a separate window - editing a note in the main window has 30% CPU when you are actively editing, but drops down when you stop typing. But when I edit a note in a separate window it runs at 30% CPU all the time.
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I have the impression that the high CPU load will go away if I disable "Tools/Preferences/Check spelling while typing" (tested with WIndows 11).


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Great tip thofis!

I haven't had that problem again since I disabled spelling. Now Evernote on Windows is finally usable again! 🙂
Strange though, that Evernote themselves did not know about this!


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It if known since last year that the spell checker has an significant impact on the CPU load and the system performance. But it is not the only reason, and the impact depends on the total computing power available.

I run with spell check and have no significant problems with CPU load.

Where I agree: Support should have it in their toolbox.

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Got here by googling this same problem. 

Disabling "Check Spelling while typing" definitely fixed it for me.

But I also found that for me it was the combination of "Check Spelling while typing" together with having a note selected that includes a PDF attachment (I didn't check other attachments).

I have a paid account that includes Searching within PDFs, so it may be that this "feature" is required for the CPU usage to spike when it's trying to spellcheck the docs or the metadata?

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2 hours ago, lisa-jean said:

I have the same problem here. hate this.

So have you tried any of the work-arounds mentioned here? Reported this to Support? (We're not them.)

EDIT - and please don't post the same issue twice I merged your other post here.

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Sometimes a process gets stuck and runs in a loop. Click on the arrow in front of the word Evernote, and the sub processes will open. Usually there will be one causing the pain.

You can try this:

- Quit the app (not only close it), reopen.

- Log out, quit, restart, log in.

In both cases use it then for a while, to see if it is back to normal, or the problem repeats itself.

If it comes back, it may be the app is running against a corrupted database. In this case you can rebuild it:

Troubleshooting PC:
  1. Go to File > Sign Out [name] from the menu bar.
  2. Select the "Remove my Evernote data from this device" option, then click Sign out.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Sign back in to Evernote


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