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Evernote 10.34.1 crashes at startup on iPhone 7+ with ios13.6.1

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After updating to Evernote 10.34.1 on my iPhone 7+ running ios13.6.1, the app crashes at startup. When I double click the home button, the app is listed as open. When I swipe up, to close it, and try to reopen it, it crashes again. I then deleted it from the phone, and re-installed it by going to the App Store, searching for Evernote, and by clicking on the cloud icon next to the app name. It downloads and installs fine, but then it crashes again. How can I get a "fresh" copy of the app, rather than downloading it from the cloud? The app is NOT listed in my iCloud under Apps (system settings > iCloud > manage)? Any other ideas why it is crashing? My phone says "This app can run on this device". I have an active Evernote Plus plan subscription, and it works fine on my Mac and iPad. So far I went on to do a soft reset of the phone, with the problem persisting. Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!!

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Did you uninstall, then switch the iPhone completely off, wait, on again (Apple logo must show).

Reinstall the app, open, log in.

A more basic question: Why don’t you simply update your iOS ? You could run iOS 15 on an iPhone 7, no issue.

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Thank you for your kind reply, PinkElephant! I sure did the things you mentioned, to no avail. I even deleted the stored password and login info for EN on my iPhone at Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords. Once I uninstalled the app, switched the phone off, waited, reinstalled the app, the app shuts down immediately after it begins to open. I see the white background with the green elephant logo for a split second, then the display goes back to the home screen. It doesn't even get to the log-in screen. When double clicking the home button, the same white background with green logo becomes visible as one of the tiles for all my open apps. When I tap on it, it changes back to the home screen. Could EN have installed, even though it is not compatible with 13.6.1? Usually I get a warning message when apps aren't compatible. Could another app update be incompatible with EN? Updating the os is on my list of things to try. Thanks again : )

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Since most iOS devices are running on the latest iOS, probably the new releases are not tested against iOS 13 any more. It may be there is a bug that makes it crash, specific to iOS 13.

Any device that is able to run iOS 13 can run iOS 14 and 15 as well. You may contact support, but I think they will tell you to update your iOS first. We run the latest iOS 15.5 on our iPhone 6S+ - no issues, it is stable and reactive.

2 more things to check:

How much free memory do you have on the iPhone ? It should be several GB available - the EN app is not small itself, and it will download some data as well to function.

How good is the battery ? Does it live through the day without recharging ? Any shutdowns, for example when taking photos outside on cold days ? Does it run stable for the first 50% decharge, but then falls off fast ?

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The old ios might just be it. I do have 85GB of 256GB available. The battery needs charging throughout the day, otherwise the phone might run out of juice. The charge would fall off fast in the winter when I was in the cold for a few hours. I have looked far and wide and can't seem to find any way to contact EN support. How do you contact them? It seems to me like they have stopped supporting folks on the Plus plan. Thank you very much for you time and care!!!

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First things first: Get a battery replacement. What you tell is a battery close to dying. Any Apple service (own and authorized) can do it, in a couple of hours. In Europe they charge you 77€ for it, parts and service included.

A weak battery leads to a low voltage. A low voltage means a low clock speed of the main processor. It is like a car that could do 100mph, but just gives you 30 because the tank is near empty.

This alone can be a reason to crash an app with a high computing need.

And then yes, I would certainly update. There are security fixes of iOS I am pretty sure are missing in iOS 13.

To avoid crashing the update put the iPhone to a charger before starting the update.

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