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Content deleted with password reset - hack?

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When the app required me to upgrade my account ( i have been using the free version) or to unsync devices, I observed one device in the list I did not recognize (an Android device, while I only have Apple). I removed the Android from my account, but the app advised the unsync had been unsuccessful. Evernote asked me to reset my password, which I did. When I accessed the app using the new password, ALL of my content is missing and the account has started over from scratch. I had been using this for several years and have significant personal information in my account. How can I recover it?

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I had exactly the same thing happen to me today. When I logged in after my password was reset there was no data.  I searched for somewhere to find help and guess what, no help without a premium subscription. Looks like black mail to me.  Please tell me I'm wrong, cos after this I will be getting a notebook and a pencil.

I have trusted this app cos I am 72 and have trouble remembering passwords and I have to record my blood pressure, all that data is gone. 

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You likely created a new account instead of logging in.

One typo in the user name, not checking the messages that follow, and you get a new account.

Quit, and on the next login make sure you type everything correctly.

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Dear Pink, Whilst I appreciate your input and indeed I am 72 years old and therefor, obviously, completely computer illiterate I fully understand that you might think I have not tried this every way since Monday. I can assure you this is not the problem, but considering your advice I have tried, several times more to log on with every email address that I might have used to create the account. still no luck.  the content is gone. To me this is testimony to how useless this app is.

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Your content is safely waiting for you on the server - unless you deleted your account yourself.

Since the forum is user 2 user, we can’t help you beside giving general advise. You can contact support as a guest. Choose „Account“ as ticket type, this should work without being logged in with a subscription.

Wish you good luck !
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Hi Pink,

My problem has been resolved, thanks to you and Eden. It seems that I used googlemail when I set up my Evernote account and of course as you pointed out, when I logged in with my asia-mail account there was nothing there.    I have now logged in using google and all is fine again.  Thank you so much for your help

and for restoring my faith in Evernote.



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