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Bullet lists being replaced by Checkboxes

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I always make my lecture notes with a heading, followed by a bulleted list underneath listing key points related to the topic. 

I have made over 60 notes without problem, but now all of the sudden on almost every single note, there will be a section or 2 that used to be a checkbox containing info, now replaced with an empty checkbox and nothing else. 

This is incredibly frustrating, after I fix them they seem to stay fixed, but why is this happening?

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If you would search the forum before dropping a post here, you would know that this problem was solved with the release of 10.39 for desktops and web client. So check your version - if not on 10.39 update first, then quit the app once and restart it, and see if the problem pops up again.

With the web client it can be hard to change the version by yourself, in this case you need to wait until it updates. Maybe logging out and emptying the cache may help to force an update of the web client.

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Sorry about that, I did a quick search which yielded no results. I thought this was too random to be a common error, but I found the other posts this time. 

Thanks for explaining though, I'll try the steps you recommended. 

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