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All I want is a column template that I may use when I am compiling my lists for fruit and veg canning this summer, lists of watercolour paint tubes I own, etc.  I can't seem to find this ability on here as I do on my wordprocessing program.  How do I easily create a template that does this duty and could you make it brain dead instructions for me please.

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Use a table as a formatting tool, make a note that suits your need, save it as a template (subscribers feature).

There currently is a bug - you need to insert a header into the notes text body before you can save the template. You can erase the header after creation, it just seems to unlock the saving function somehow.

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i just went on a search and discovered the "table" area and some other odd items, had no idea that area existed, must be a new iteration.  anyway, I think I figured it out, thanks so much, I will gripe again if it didn't work next time I want to use something like it.  much appreciated!

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