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Keyboard shortcut for setting formatting to "normal text"

Claudia Cimenti


Hi all,

I am a big user of keyboard shortcuts, and use the #, ##, [], etc as well as Ctrl Alt Shift etc combinations extensively.

Even after much searching, I have yet to find a keyboard shortcut (or ability to create one) for setting the formatting to "normal text". 

Even the "remove formatting" shortcut does not do the trick.

For instance, setting formatting to normal text (instead of a heading) at present requires me to either use the mouse, or hit Enter and edit/remove previous lines.

So I would like to propose this as an RFE to be considered. The shortcut could potentially be #### and function like #, ## etc.

Thanks a lot in advance,


(previously asked about in https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/142371-keyboard-shortcut-for-setting-formatting-to-normal-text/)

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