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Rules for Autotagging



It would be great if it would be possible to create rules to autoapply tags, as well as inheritance from collections.


Tag: Year - by creating date.

Tag: Powershell - Search query for certain words

Tag: Work - Search query for certain words like: Azure, Cisco, Microsoft etc.


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The thread you posted is 5 years old in its youngest posting. It was started 10 years ago and did not draw much attention.

Looking into the past does not answer what will happen in the future. But from what I see, I even doubt that this feature is under consideration. The reason is that the EN OCR is done on the server, not on the local device. So it would have to be added to the server side software as well, adding a lot of complexity for a small group of users only.

You may try to find out whether scanning apps offer something close to what you are searching. You don‘t tell about the scanner you use (any device, or scanning using your phone), but it may have a better chance. ScannerPro for example allows to set up workflows, and attach a standard set of tags (plus the notebook selection) to each workflow.

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4 hours ago, -Medi- said:

It would be great if it would be possible to create rules to autoapply tags,

If you are able to define some search criteria (ie rules) that would lead to a selection of notes that you want tagged with a particular tag then you probably don't need to tag them - just save the search! Alternatively use the search and them manually tag the results.

The webclipper has an optional autofiling function to add tags which i've never found that helpful, although the criteria are not user defined which i think is what you want.

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I do a fair amount of scanning,  and rely on the third party app Filterize to sort out a lot of my scans when they're being added as new notes.  Using Filterize I can check for title words,  keyword content,  and even variables like document (not created) date.  Filterize can add title words,  apply tags and assign notebooks based on my requirements.  https://filterize.net/

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