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Every so often EN is displayed shifted up. See first picture compared to second correct placement.

This is just the display. If I want to do a Search I need to click on where “New” is shown.

Stopping EN and restarting fixes the situation (until next time).

Could be related to general Windows (11) behaviour glitches after sleep, but have not seen this behaviour in other apps.

Anyone seen anything similar?


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  • Evernote Expert

I haven't seen this issue on Windows 11. Is suggest that you should uninstall and then reinstall. Use a program such as Revo Uninstall which will ensure all the corrupted files are properly removed before three reinstall. You will, of course, need your username and password.

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Thanks for the advice.
However, because simply stopping and starting EN solves the issue (for a while) it does not seem that re-installing would be of added benefit.

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  • Level 5

EN tries to remember where your screen has been the last time you used it. Maybe one of these parameters got somehow stuck „out of range“ (like with a negative offset).

Uninstalling using Revo would erase everything on the lokal PC, and allow it to start freshly.

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