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Hello Evernote - your "survey" is terrible

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When the recent survey came out I was somewhat excited about providing feedback about what I would like to see.

Instead, I was treated to what seems to be  an hour long marketing survey, designed to figure out which of several "shiny objects" Evernote seems to be pondering and whether I would pay more for those shiny objects -  including a whole lot of things I really don't care about at all.

I am quite pleased overall how Evernote has transformed over the last few years for example:

  • Contextual Formatting  (and simplified font choices)
  • Embedded help
  • Added dictionary (but how can I do other languages?)
  • Modernization of the UI

This is enough to keep me going with Evernote.

However, the survey seemed to go off on some other tangents and I am totally confused about who the suggested features are even relevant to.

Since I was given no opportunity in the survey (maybe if I spent an hour to do it) some things I would like to see:

  • Fix the antiquated navigation - back should be back and forward should be forward regardless of tags
  • Add hyper links to parts of notes - maybe even something radical like a Table of Contents
  • Be able to link to Tags / Notebooks etc from within a note
  • Tables that can scroll and have headers - maybe even something radical like sort
  • Enable some sort of automation / plugins
  • Have some sort of real library of REAL SOLUTIONS - is there a reason every last Evernote user has to create their own personal system for tracking their media usage  and problems X Y and Z that have been resolved by thousands or not millions of other users  - this is a large topic, but generally speaking, why is everyone trying to implement the same things over and over again? What would a library of complete solutions look like vs. this is your todo template or your calendar template?
  • Some of your features are just broken - the web clipper is pretty useless and just butchers a lot of pages - maybe you should just dispose of it? (That has to be hard to code)




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  • Evernote Expert

Perhaps you haven't fully understood that these forums are primarily user-to-user. So while we may have some sympathy for your thoughts, we aren't in a position to do anything about them. If you want to feedback direct to Evernote you might be better using the feedback function in the Evernote application.

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2 hours ago, Michaelh1234123 said:

However, the survey seemed to go off on some other tangents and I am totally confused about who the suggested features are even relevant to.

I'm curious, what sort of features was Evernote exploring in your survey? I hope something related to linking was included, as that's one of the weaker remaining areas.

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