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I cannot find a solution for completed task management and this may take me to leave Evernote

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The introduction of tasks created a great solution for an all in one app to take notes and manage to do.

Not a fan to how much things app like notion has, I'm into more simple and straightforward apps and spend my time doing instead of working hours on setting up my planning tool.

Evernote seems like a winner on this, BUT, the lack of a feature where you can sort or remove completed tasks from Notes is a deal breaker.

I've read through the forums and there is no solution for this unless I'm missing something.

This seems like a very basic feature that should be available, to sort finished tasks at the bottom or even not showing them automatically. Without this you can have a huge note just for tasks, completed tasks.

Hope someone has a solution!

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In EN we are used to build our own little routines, tailored to our needs. It may no be picture perfect, but often it does the job.

Have you tried filters and (when you like a setting) saved searches to narrow down on your tasks ? Helpful could be

Tasks contains:task
Tasks (Completed) contains:taskCompleted
Tasks (Not Completed) contains:taskNotCompleted
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