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Anyone else with issues Clipping?

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v 10.39.6 on Win11. For the last couple of weeks, it works about 20% of the time. I've been using either Pocket or Nimbus depending on the content. EN just shows the Syncing pop up which spins for at least 10 minutes then errors out. 

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Clipping = web clipper clipping ?

If yes, has nothing to do with the installed version. The web clipper clips through the API, directly to the server.

Maybe check on updates for the web clipper extension. For Safari / Mac it is current 7.24 - just got released 2 days ago.

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I haven't been having problems (not that problem; I've had issues with the extension disappearing from my browser toolbar, but that's a browser issue). Obvious question, but is this happening mainly with certain types of pages or certain sites?

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Still going on, pretty much every other day. I have the latest version. Yesterday, even though it is the latest version, clicking update in manage extensions solves it. Today, can't clip. To be clear, the box pops up and says, Saving your clip as normal, then switches to syncing and that never goes away until it times out much later. 

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We're still not absolutely clear... Are you referring to the Web Clipper browser extension? If so, which browser are you using? As you know, the web browser web clipper isn't dependent upon the version of Evernote installed. It talks directly to the Evernote servers.

Since we aren't seeing a flood of complaints about this I think we have to assume that this is either account related (in which case you'll need to open a support ticket) or it is hardware/network/browser related (which may give you a better chance to diagnose by limiting the focus).

I'd try out an alternative browser and clipper extension.  If you normally run Chrome (or Edge or any other Chrome based browser) then try out Firefox with the Firefox clipper. If that works then you've narrowed down the issue a bit.

Similarly, if you have access to another computer then try a clipper on the alternative device.  Finally, you could switch to a different network and potentially, very temporarily, disable your anti-virus to see if the network or AV is intercepting the clipping.

If none of this works then a support ticket is the way forward.

Again, this presumes we are discussing the browser extension web clipper.

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