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More colors for text

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When I write in a Note, and want to give the text a different color, how do I get more colors to choose from than those in the small panel - there are only 14 colors to choose - See the picture


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Hi.  There's (currently) no way to extend the choices available within Evernote - you'd have to find a work-around.

The classic way to customise layout and style in Evernote is to create a template in a different app that supports the variations that you want - these font colours forinstance - and then copy paste that layout into an Evernote note.  Whatever survives the transition can be used as your template within Evernote.  Copy / paste a word of your chosen colour into a new note and overtype it with new text.

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It may be possible to get more colors by trying to import them through the back door.

However I warn against this - it may well be that you invest a lot of work, just to see it automatically changed when a note is opened and edited in the future.

If you NEED mor colors, you NEED to use another product.

If you just want more colors, you have to balance your desire for more colors with your general use cases.

You can send feedback to EN, or issue a support ticket. I just see little chance - the new editor was build for simplicity, and for taking straight notes I think 14 colors are more than enough. For design and layout work EN is the wrong app anyhow.

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... Or you can go back to Legacy, where there are as many colours as you can dream... almost as in this very forum! We can't use the colours we like in our notes, but we can here, where simplicity and straightforwardness should be required, shouldn't they? How coherent is that :( ?


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On 7/9/2022 at 9:48 PM, Benabil said:

this very forum

..is run by a third party company with no other connection to Evernote than that they do forums.  No coherence required.

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