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Search by Tag-narrowing not possible any more?

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First starting with a cudo: Adding the option for searching parent-tag-children in one click was a good and long awaited move, it made me feel the right time to return using evernote vs competitors;

However seemingly you removed another, already existing feature, that now again makes the app non-appropriate for my use-cases.

My expectation is to find a note by first starting with filtering one selected tag, and then having the list of available tags automatically shrinking down to tags that are present on notes with that first selected tag. That is very intuitive and time efficient and it was definitely present before.

Do you have any plans for bringing it back?

Or is it maybe already possible just in a different way than before?

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This feature has not yet made it from legacy. It is requested, for tags used with other tags, and for tags used in a specific notebook as well.

If EN has plans about it ? Who knows, EN usually does not comment on their product plan.

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