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Alt + s shortcut in Polish/Latvian keyboard issues for Windows 10

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As stated in the last post in this topic: 

it says the problem has been resolved, but it was not indeed!!! It is 2022 now and I still have the same issue, what the hell of a lie was that last administrator's post?
Evernote is a mess indeed. Not the first old bug you don't want to resolve for years 


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In general, it seems to me (and I live in the U.S.) that Evernote is U.S.-centric at many points involving language. For instance, support for right to left languages was requested years ago. Evidently it still has not arrived, which is really inexcusable for an international company:


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Where else than in Help would you look if you don’t find something, and want to get at it ? One of the most underestimated menus …

You can have it more easily as well:

Watch at the left column, then go down to the bottom of it. See the little keyboard symbol ?

Click it, and the keyboard shortcuts open.

To change any, hover with the mouse over a position. 3 dots appear in front of it: Click on them, and you get the editing option.

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