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TAG WISHLIST: Make a single-click of bottom note tag, function the same as a single-click sidebar tag which brings up a filtered center column list notes by that tag



On the bottom of a note, make a single-click of a tag, work the same as a single-click of a sidebar tag, which brings up a filtered list of notes, by that tag. See attached photo. Thanks!

- Respectfully,

Arlene from Roseville, CA 😀

P.S. Additionally, make this issue function on all device platforms. Double Thanks!


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You do not always intend to filter for a tag by selecting it. Sometimes you may want to remove it instead, or rename it, or whatever. So simple clicking should not be used to apply only one tag function.

This is why you give a click on the down arrow beside the tag, and then select "Apply filter ..." (or how ever this is named in English). It does what you want: It filters for this tag. If you do it from an already selected notebook, it will apply the tag as an additional filter.




Works on desktop. On mobile, you need to go through the filter function.

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I think on balance I agree with @PinkElephant. At the moment clicking on a tag (not the arrow but the actual tag) selects that tag. You can select multiple tags this way using either ctrl + click  or shift + click. This allows you to copy those tags into another note - a little known but very useful function. However some modified click (e.g Alt+click) could I suppose be used for the filter by tag option - it is certainly the option  I use most.

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I was about to say that clicking on the tag does nothing (it isn't being noticeably outlined like it has focus or anything) , until @MikeP reminded me/us of that little known feature that it actually selects the tag so that you can copy it.

3 minutes ago, Mike P said:

However some modified click (e.g Alt+click) could I suppose be used for the filter by tag option - it is certainly the option  I use most.

It's the option that I use the most too for it. I'd guess that 97% of my clicks on the arrow there are to filter the note list by that tag, 2.5% to remove the tag, and 0.5% to add it to the shortcut and 0% to remove the tag from all notes. (Side note: Why remove the tag from all notes if it doesn't also delete the tag? I'm not sure of the use-case there.)

English wording for reference:


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3 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Take „Review“ as an example.

Say you did your weekly, and want to quit all Review -tags for now. Easy and fast. 

But you start to apply it again, so why delete it ?

Ah - makes sense. Thanks.

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