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Sync from Android app to desktop

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It should just sync. Add a note or task on the Android app, give it a minute or 2 and it should appear on the desktop app.

Obviously needs a data connection.

If this isn't happening for you, I'd start by uninstalling and installing, then try again. If it still doesn't work have a chat with support.

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There is also a Sync button in the Android phone app, when in the App press the three horizontal buttons bottom left on he screen, then the settings gear  wheel up at the top next to your account and the Sync button is near the bottom of the list.

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If you feel it doesn’t sync properly, you can check in the web client (Free users: No, it counts as another device). The web client views on the server database.

When it is there, but not on the PC, the downsync has not yet happened.

If it is not there, the upsync is missing - this is when to apply the syncing from the mobile device. It will not speed up the syncing from the web server to all other devices.

For me, I usually receive new or changed notes within a minute on all devices.

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