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web clipper: 全てのページを一つのノートに保存 が動作しない

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Evernote web clipperの「全てのページを一つのノートに保存」(multipage clips)が(少なくとも僕の環境で)動作しなくなって2ヶ月になろうとしています。4月27日頃の更新(拡張機能)で生じました。驚いたことに、forumでもtwitter界隈でも全く話題になっていないようです。皆さんのところでは何も支障はないのでしょうか?


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Ah, OK, this is simplified.

There are sometimes web sites that do not allow simplified mode. You can try on the web site itself in the browser, if it allows to open it in "Reader Mode".

As an alternative, clip the site with the first option. Then go to the note, click on the header of the web clip, and then on the magic wand. It will convert the web clip into a simplified version. Hint: This can not be reversed. If you want to keep the original clip, duplicate the note, and simplify the duplicate.


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The same here. What the op reported is about "Clip all pages into a single note" option. He/she's not saying just about the "Simplified article".

The function used to work, but has been non-functional for a few months. Always only the first page is clipped. Simplified article mode itself works

Tested on macOS with Firefox, Chrome, Safari (all latest versions) and all the same results.


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Thanks for explaining.This is why I asked.

I never used this option in the settings, with any of the clip modes, so no experience with what it may have done a time ago. It is not documented neither, so no idea what it should do. For me the web clipper does what I expect. If I want to have several websites grouped together in a single note, I clip them all, open EN, select the notes and merge them. The advantage is I can even select the order in which the clips are arranged.

Conclusion: Ask support if you want to know more.

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The day after I discovered the glitch, I contacted support. (Ticket #3506886, April 28, 2022 19:57 JST) I has received no response from Evernote at all. Nonetheless, my ticket was "resolved" despite no response from Evernote. sigh...


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以前のバージョンで同様の問題が起きることもあったのですが、その際はブラウザーのevernote plug-in (もしくはadd-on)の設定をリセットすることで、再び全ページを一つのノートに保存することが可能になりました。


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I received an email from everote support on June 29, saying they are aware that "Clip all pages into a single note" is not working. I am not sure when it will be fixed, but for the time being I am using the browser extension AutoPagerize.

AutoPagerize is already out of development and many related pages are gone, but there are still many users and the DB is still being updated, albeit quietly. Probably, Evernote also uses AutoPagerize's DB as a DB for Japanese pages of "Clip all pages into a single note". However, since it is often cleaner to concatenate in Evernote than to concatenate in AutoPagerize, my main goal is to revive Evernote.

Evernoteのサポートから6月29日にメールが来て、機能してないことを認識しているとのこと。いつ直るか不明ですが、僕は、当座、ブラウザの拡張の AutoPagerize を使っています。


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