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Updates to Evernote Web - Keyboard Shortcuts

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I regularly use Microsoft Edge for EN Web access and the recent update to 10.39.7 informed me about some changes, see below (unfortunately in German). 

The first two bullets is about automatic link creation when dragging notes to another note, which sounds good. 

The third and fourth bullets are about enhancements in the usage of the keyboard which also sounds very interesting. However it is not clear to me which specific keyboard commands are meant and which functionality in detail can be done without mouse movement. 

Is there any more specific information on this available? I would love to use the keyboard more extensively for formatting purposes. 


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As far as I can see there are still no keyboard shortcuts on the web version. It appears the release notes for the web version are the same as the desktop version despite there being no keyboard shortcuts on the web.

Edited to remove incorrect statement about the release not being announced in the forums.

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I think the release was a regular one, but then sort of rushed because they wanted to fix that nasty „data loss when editing“ problem. Probably they just made copy&paste on the release notes. The note doesn’t say they fixed that nasty data loss thing … but from the forum posts we expect it to be fixed. Somewhat messed up, I would say.

One little thing: It was announced in the forum.

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