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Ability to drag and drop multiple notes into another note to create links

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10.39.6 includes the long promised ability to drag one note into another to create a link to that note. The links appear as true internal links not weblinks that only open in the web version of EN. It also gives you the ability to drag multiple notes to create multiple links within a note. However there is a trick to this which is not mentioned in the release notes. When you select multiple notes you will normally loose focus on the note you want to drag into. The trick is to open the note in a separate window first. You can then drag (via hovering over the new note in the taskbar if necessary) into the new note. If you drag into a numbered or bulleted list you get a nicely formatted TOC which can be dragged around at will.

It's obvious when you think about it but it's early in the morning and it took my brain a moment to work it out so maybe it will help somebody else.

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Interestingly this also works on EN Web:

Just open the note in a new tab, mark thise multiple notes and drag them to the tab where the target note is. The focus changes to the target note and the internal links of the selected notes are automatically created.

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I am being sincere here and not sarcastic.  Thanks for being willing to state the obvious, because I clearly missed it and was getting really frustrated.  I could not figure out what the heck the release notes meant by either "Drag it from the note list into the editor" or "drag-and-drop multiple notes into a note to create a list with links to each one" without losing the note into which I wanted to drag the other notes.  I had a "duh" moment when I read your post.  So, this is likely obvious, too.  Any idea what they mean by dragging something into "the editor"?  Thanks!

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9 minutes ago, Corybe said:

Any idea what they mean by dragging something into "the editor"? 

The editor is just the view of the contents of the note. Normally it can be thought of as having two modes: view, when there is no edit toolbar present, and edit when there is. However in this case you drag a note from the note list into the editor while it is in view mode. Hopefully when this makes it onto the help pages they will think more  carefully about it and provide some clear, unambiguous instructions. Or maybe that is just the "triumph of hope over accumulated experience".

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