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Geotagging (again)

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I've been asking for geotagging in notes since 2008. Now, a couple of years ago, I was convinced that I needed to upgrade to the Professional plan and that would allow geotagging. So I did that. And of course, that feature was never developed the way it was advertised. Can anyone point me to where I'm wrong? I would really love to make Evernote my main note taking app again. But I need the ability to know where a note was created and use a link in the note to open a navigation app in order to get back to that location. Yes I know there are work arounds using other apps to add GPS data to a note. I need something that works fast and is built-in. By the way, here's a snippet of the advertising used to sell the Professional plan;


 "NEW: More search options, including Boolean terms and geographic search to find precisely the information you need."


Thanks again for any update.

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  • Evernote Expert

You have the search syntax 




This searches for notes that were created at or near the specified coordinates.

latitude:37 will return all notes whose latitude value is greater than 37. Add -‍latitude:38 to your search to show results whose latitude is between 37 and 38 degrees. longitude: and altitude: work exactly the same way.

But I'm not sure that this is what you want. You would need to know the coordinates of the place you were searching for.

Note info contains this data and on mobile plots it to a map display.

I'm not sure you'll find what you need. Perhaps tell us how you would use the data and we might advise further.

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The GPS coordinates are added into notes created with one of the mobile clients. EN must be allowed to collect this information in the location privacy settings of the device.

Notes created on desktop don’t have GPS data, since most desktop devices lack GPS sensors (yes, today there are other means of tracking, but that is the status).

It is easy to check: Open note information on mobile: If a map shows with a location pin, the note carries GPS data.

When available it was always possible to search them with the advanced search language. Professional just makes it more comfortable. 

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