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"copy" functions as "cut", after editing a note and returning to it

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When copy pasting a text within a note, the text from the original possition is lost, as if I am cutting. This happens when I  go to another note and return back to the edited note. This has happend three times, and I am kind of afraid editing my notes, because it destroys my information. This is the worst bug since I've started to use this app.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. This is not happening to me. What version of Evernote do you have, and what version of Windows? Have you tried quitting Evernote completely (File > Quit Evernote, not just clicking the X in top right)? Or perhaps sign out and sign back in. This might "refresh" the program enough to fix the problem.

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Hi, I use Evernote 10.38.3, and my Windows is V. 10, 21H2. I tried to reproduce what I've reported but everything was fine -- I may have missed a step in my recollection of the situation.

I always completely quit on OS shutdowns. But I haven't tried to sign out of the app. Thanks for your suggestion, I will reinstall it, to be completely sure.

The first two times this situation happened to me I thought it was my mistake but the third time I thought this cannot be. The situation was that there was a certain report with bullets and headings and I used it to write new reports, so I would've copied the last one to have its duplicate ready to edit. I've been using Evernote since 2009, and this is the worst thing I've encountered.



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Ah! A problem with text disappearing from bulleted lists has been reported in more than one thread. The fact that you had just copied the text may be accidental. Evernote has put out an update, v. 10.39, that should fix it (if this is the same problem). Here is the update notice; you can look through that thread for other reports of the problem:


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