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choppy scrolling, slow to place images, frequent "launch or wait" dialogues, switching accts fails

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HI folks, I'm trying not to be cranky, but Evernote desktop has been a mean bear lately on win 10 pc.
If there is a fix, or these are symptoms of a corruption, please advise on best process.

1) choppy scrolling - this occurs in notes with several images. Using the scroll bar to actually scroll, see what I am scrolling, and then stop where I want to is very difficult. The only way to navigate without frustration is the arrow keys.

2) images have been very slow to paste, lots of spinning wheels

3) One particular note that is very long with images became impossible.... and it would not sync to the web. Constantly got the "launch or wait" dialogue trying to scroll. I relaunched, restarted machine... and no improvement, plus time between each delay was 3-5 minutes just to get my cursor back. Actually, I think the whole process threw everything on my machine into slow motion. FINALLY, when I got the cursor back I got the 'notion' to export the note to html so I could grab my text and put it somewhere else to work with. This whole process took 2 hours, just to get my text unfrozen so I could work this morning, hence... cranky me.

4) I have 2 accts, one paid, one free. Switching between these has become super slow and often fails. I have to log out and start over. I forget what the dialogue tells me.

Maybe the next update will smooth some of these things out, but meanwhile.... im having to avoid evernote desktop and using web - which is OK, but not my favorite interface.

Thanks for reading.

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OK, not really brand new hardware, but powerful enough. RAM and free disk space is no issue, processor neither.

Personally I think the turning disk may cause a problem. This has been an issue with legacy already - it simply writes many little information elements. Every time a note updates, it can create a new tiny block somewhere on the disk. The disk will place it in the nearest free slot available. This means the disk has a lot of work when reading information until all fragments are brought back together.

You can try to defragment the disk. Maybe it has an effect. Keep EN completely closed while it is running.

The longer term solution would be to install a SSD as system drive. The turning disk can stay as file storage, but the system should run off an SSD. EN will run from the system drive.

An internal SATA SSD will cost 40-50€/$ for 500GB, 60-70€/$ for 1TB. A tiny mSATA will be more expensive, maybe in the range of +20-30€/$. To put an SSD into the PC is probably the simplest upgrade. It will improve the use in general: Startup will be much faster, Programs will feel snappy, and EN will run smoother.

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