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Windows Client - Template Gallery hangs

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When I try to access the template gallery in the desktop client it hangs and the circle by the search box just spins. It works on my iphone.

I believe this is the error.

6/11/2022 7:25:40 PM
Level:error TopicName:boron:WindowController Origin:Boron
boron:WindowController  [1170.999s] [template.network] fetch error:  GET public/content/bdf60c58-391f-4ceb-acbe-92a28231670d Error: Error: Missing expected parameter: authentication token

Here is the version info.

userId: User:***
username: ***
email: ***dblaace.net
subscriptionTier: BASIC
repackagedSubscriptionTier: FREE
locale: en-US
timezone: America/Chicago
authState: Authorized
pushNotificationsSupported: true
OS: win
OSVersion: 10.0.19044
CPUType: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz
CPUCount: 8
CPUSpeed: 3.392 GHz
DeviceID: 2762115679
RAM: 19.95550537109375 GB
diskAvailable: 147.75 GB
diskTotal: 223.03 GB
CEVersion: 149.0.18202
conduitVersion: 1.53.4
clientVersion: 10.38.3 ddl
nsyncEntities: Home,Tasks,Calendar,Gamification,LES-SavedSearch-Shortcut,LES-Resources-Upsync

currentNoteCount: 835
currentSharedNoteCount: NA
currentNotebookCount: 24
currentSpacesCount: 0
currentTasksCount: 0
currentTagsCount: 85
currentDatabaseSize: 1441247
electronVersion: 17.4.2

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On 6/12/2022 at 1:39 AM, dblaace said:

Error: Missing expected parameter: authentication token

? I'm no expert with these logs, but are you using a VPN / firewall / company network?

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Hmmn.  Other auth problems can be due to free users exceeding the device limit,  or any user exceeding the note size or upload limits. (Although that's hard for a full subscriber to do!)  Best advice is to raise it with Support.

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I see this as well, with the Windows client, just updated to version 10.39.6-win-ddl-public (3451), Editor: v150.2.18380, Service: v1.53.4

It works fine with the same free account, on the same machine, using the Windows client, version 10.38.3, and also on Android version 10.32.1 (non-free account)

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