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Remove Evernote Helper

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52 minutes ago, Randy Cain said:

Is there a way to NOT have the Evernote Helper icon taking up space in the menu bar at the top? If I close it, the entire EN app closes.  I don't use it, and don't want it. 🤷‍♂️ Is there a way??

My guess is that you are using a Mac rather than Windows. I just his the icon using Windows two bar options. I can't believe that there isn't also a means to do this with MacOS.

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It is possible to reorganize the icon bar (the right part of the menu bar on the Mac) - by using 3rd party apps. It is pretty standard on the Mac to employ some helper programs that can do amazing things (just to name Alfred, Hazel, PopClip and others). MacOS lets the user switch some OS related icons, but not 3rd party.

Since a lot of apps install in the icon bar, after getting some programs loaded to the Mac, it makes sense to organize the icons a bit. Bartender as a 3rd party app for this job has 3 levels: Always show, show on a second level, hide. I have most icons on the second level.

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