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Hi discussion, I'm still looking for a way to change case in Evernote. It's supposed to be shift-F3, the same as in Word, but when I hit either shift-F3 or shift-fn-F3, nothing changes. My version is 10.38.3 which I got by push upgrade yesterday. What am I doing wrong?
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This is at least the third time you've started a new thread to ask this question. Please read the answers to the one you started last week:

There is no other information to be added, and cluttering up the forums won't produce any. To summarize, so others don't have to waste time clicking that link: in October 2013 somebody on the Web posted information about how to change the case of text in what was then the current version of Evernote. Things have changed a lot since then, that no longer works, maybe it will again someday, but when it does Evernote will let us know in the release notes.

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