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How to tell that Evernote is improving?

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I've noticed recently that I now look forward to seeing  "there is a new version of evernote".  In the past I would dread new versions because I was happier with the Legacy one than the new ones.  However, recently the new versions are making EN better and better.  This has been a great turn-around from the doom and gloom of last year when EN was undergoing radical changes.  I still keep one legacy version around but I'm now quite happy with EN v10 desktop as well as the iphone and ipad.

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I'm with you. I was so dismayed when the new version came out (and IMHO it still seems that there was too little communication around that, and too quick a release of a woefully under-finished product) that I kept using v. 6. Occasionally I would dip into the Web version in order to do formatting unavailable in the legacy. As the Web client got better and better, I could see that the Windows app must now be reliable and full-featured enough to install. I did so a couple of weeks ago and have been loving it.

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