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Sync between Evernotes on different PC's

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There used to be a "SYNC" button in Evernote....now I have no idea how to sync up the notes when it has been updated on one computer and I go to another!  I am on my laptop here at one office and I change I made this morning at my other office has NOT shown up in Evernote.  I don't know how to sync them all up

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1) It syncs automatically to the server (legacy did this as well). Down at the bottom of the note window it says „All changes synced“, or in rare cases you see this changing when a sync is happening.

2) To check if it has reached the server you can open the web client - this is looking directly at the server.

3) Sync from the server happens automatically as well. You can try ctrl/strg- R  (Reload) to force a sync.

4) Not syncing is often a sign of a damaged local database.

There is a way to dump the existing local database on a device that seems blocked. It will then download a fresh copy from the cloud server.

Choose not to save data on the device when leaving, then log out of the app, quit it, restart the PC, open EN and log back in.

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+1 to @PinkElephant's advice. The situation you describe can also happen if the computer was turned off before the changes could sync; and/or because of a delay in Internet communication.

Do you have a paid subscription? If so, and if the change really did sync from the other computer, then the updated note may be available in note history, which is maintained for all accounts but only accessible to those who have paid subscriptions. If the info is really vital and can't be reconstructed, it might be worth paying for just one month to get at the history, then going back to free.

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