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Cannot find IOS Widget

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I'm very glad to see that Evernote has made IOS widgets available for the IOS home screens, but I'm unable to find the widget when I try to set it up.  Up to date on IOS and have a Professional account with Evernote.  Any suggestions appreciated - or I'll just wait?  Thanks.

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Check if you updated already - version number is 10.34. It is available from the AppStore.

On the iPhone it was iOS Home Screen, long press on the app symbol until the apps started wiggeling. Then the + top left, and by scrolling in the app list I found the 3 available iOS widgets.

They are all of a relatively large size, installing 3 of them filled an entire screen.

On the iPad I still have to try.


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To me it seems the widgets have not made it to the iPad - yet.

I installed them on my iPhone, was no problem.

It was not possible to repeat this on my iPad - the EN widgets simply did not show in the selection or in a spotlight search.

I just issued a support ticket, asking whether the widget feature did not make it to the iPad.


Edit: Solved after updating the app

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