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ScanSnap scans - searchable or not searchable?

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Trying to figure out whether to have my scanner scan as searchable PDF or not. Did a test and EN detected the searched-for words, regardless of how I scanned. So does it matter which setting I use to scan? Thanks..

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If you make the PDF searchable then you can do things with the PDF outside Evernote.  Evernote does do a search of the content to include PDFs in searches inside notes. The external options  add function outside Evernote.

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Plus external OCR makes text extractable - you can copy it from the scanned page. Since EN OCR was build for search only, it does not provide for extractable text.

In general I use the ScanSnap (Abby) OCR solution for my scans. When there is a text layer in a pdf, EN will not OCR it again.

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