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Request To Add Two Text Styling Features

David Sepulveda


4C36C375-9F31-4F0F-B40F-50901C72A1DA.jpeg.2a6459e5fa4eadd042a1d5fd8944c50d.jpegI would like to request two features be added to text formatting:

1. List Toggle

This would give us the ability to group texts together and Save space in notes. This would make it more efficient to emphasis different ideas within notes and easier to break up ideas.

Within the Toggle you should be able to include bullets, checkboxes and numbers.

2. Quotes and focus blocks

It would be nice to be able to emphasize quotes using special formatting like a call out.


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I would like to see both of those features as well. There are other existing threads with those requests that you could go and add your vote too as well and/or comment there and see what other people are saying about it.

Here is one for quote blocks:


And one for collapsible content:


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Thanks for posting. The forum is user 2 user.

To drop the ideas with EN PM use the feedback function.

 Personally I don’t expect changes to the editor complicating it - it was developed with a focus on simplicity.

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